My Singing Monsters Cheats: Unlock Monsters And Coins/Gems

by Rosalinda Scolnik on May 10, 2014

My singing monsters cheats to get unlimited coins and diamonds, unlock all monsters, never lack of breeding or happiness.


Game Summary:

You may have heard or seen monsters in several movies and you’re thinking how are they created or rather where do they come from. If you have never seen these extraordinary things before, then take the opportunity to see and create for yourself one through the game. It has the answers because through it, you can create strange features called monsters by collecting, breeding, playing and controlling them to form the monsters.

It is a music game that involves collecting and breeding your own monster with a unique song, sound and personality. You will then be able to breed them at the shop and watch the monsters sing, play and dance. Moreover, you will be able to feed and move them to the next level to enable them perform better. Further, each island has its own song and fully packed with monsters to entertain you. The Android version is very unique and gives clear pictures with the best contrast.

In this game, you’ll have 30+ monster species that you can collect, combine them and create new ones. You will also be able to see the amazing art, animation and the 3D audio effects that make the game more lively, interesting and fun. The other astonishing feature of this game is the creative islands that have unique monsters, landscapes and sound combinations. This will create better contrast creating unique themes and make it more interesting to unlock more monsters and stuff and gain levels. Do not worry if you are a beginner, it has tutorials that can guide you and become an expert in the game.

This game also has the social features connected to Facebook and Twitter social media where you can interact with other gamers, share your experiences, share your points and earn rewards and achievements. This game also has the RPG and taps coin collection mechanics and can be played by people of all ages. I tell you, you will never get bored with this game! I was always busy unlocking the islands and creating more monsters. The enjoyable part is populating the island with monsters and watching what happens next!

Wow, I can’t explain in writing, you rather try it and see for yourself. Moreover, when you feed the monsters and load each of them with a unique personality, you’ll be amazed with the music and the dance of the monsters.

I would like to indicate that My Singing Monsters game is freely available to play. However, there are some charges that are applied for additional app content. This can also be restricted by adjusting your Google Play account settings. This game is absolutely free! The game also has been updated with Ethereal Island, new songs and new singing monsters. In fact, this game is currently live both on iOS and Android which are full of the 3D effects and better contrasting. Create one monster and adventure what happens to them. What an amazing game! In the end, if you want some more cheats such as  Head Soccer Cheats , you are here..

File name: My Singing Monsters Hack V1.6

1. Unlimited Coins, Feeds & Diamonds/Gems.
2. Unlock all monsters.
3. No root/jailbreak.
4. Working on Android/iOS.

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I need 99999 dimonds on my singing monsters on gallery


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I’ve used it with my iPhone 6s and it worked, thanks.


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