Pocket Planes Cheats: Level Up In God Mode With Bux & Coins

by Rosalinda Scolnik on May 11, 2016

Pocket Planes Cheats to level up in god mode(never die) and get unlimited bux, coins by one click. Working for Android / iOS without root.


Game Summary:

Have you ever thought of flying a plane? If you may not get the opportunity of flying a real plane, then your dreams can be achieved by playing the Pocket Planes game that uses the concept of planes. Pocket Planes by NimbleBit LCC is an 8-bit simulation game that is fun and addictive as you enjoy controlling your plane in an airport. If you want to learn what greatest pilots do and mimic them, all you need is to invest in this game and have fun while enjoying it more so on Android or iOS apps.

If you fell out/ in love with Tiny Tower, then you will recognize the gorgeous pixel people through the game. There is more to love and enjoy about this game. It has a blend of strategies, management as well as the under-the hood tinkering. This is the ultimate pocket management sim. There is a lot of art style that makes the game more recognizable and fun.

The game has a short tutorial that guides you on the basics of the game. It also has several tips that pop-ups as you play which makes it simpler and easier to play. You will start with few airports where you will be in charge of filling your small planes with cargo and passengers and ferrying them to their destination. Taking a multiple cargos with common traits will earn you bonuses; I almost finished the game through getting huge bonuses. After loading the cargo and passengers, you will then pick your destination point and then you take off.

While you fly you can either watch the plane collecting gold coins and bux along the way, or simply exiting the game and returning to it later. The game needs some patience, but if you’re impatient, you can use your bux to speed up the travel time. You will also be made aware of the time you’ve used to land a plane. You earn a payment when the airplane lands. As you keep delivering your cargo or passengers, there are new jobs that come up on the way and you can use the bux and coins to buy more airports, upgrade your plane and stations and even getting new planes and parts. Moreover, you will also be able to advertise yourself to get more passengers and cargo- it is a serious business!

The game has several features to make it fun and enjoyable. It has the RPG-style method of progression that involves escalating through the levels. You will get rewards at each level to become airline millionaire or star. However, it is important to note that each level has different locations which may certainly affect your business. The other interesting part that I loved so much about this game is the selling of plane parts to get more coins and gifts. You can equally use the parts and build up another plane. What an awesome game! Also, you could find some more smurfs’ village cheats here.

The game on Android version has several fun things like Stats and Facebook clone. I enjoyed the game and I feel entertained every time I play it. I hopefully believe and recommend this game to those dreaming of learning much about airplanes as well as pilots. Hope you enjoy the Pocket Planes Cheats!

File name: Pocket Planes Hack v4.1

1. Unlimited Bux, Coins.
2. Unlock all level.
3. God Mode(Never Die).
4. No root/jailbreak.
5. Working on Android/iOS.

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