NBA JAM Cheats: Unlock Turbo, Players and Everything

by Rosalinda Scolnik on May 11, 2014

NBA JAM Cheats don’t work? Try this working cheat to get unlimited turbo and unlock players for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. No root needed.

Game Summary:

Boil and fire it with NBA JAM!
Have you ever asked yourself how a jam is made or prepared one? Jam is prepared by boiling a fruit juice and adding sugar to form the thick paste. Imagine taking the same concept in basketball sport. If you boil the basketball sport by increasing the fire intensity, you get the game. Try and think what kind of a game it can be, highly concentrated basketball sport! Wow, forgive me, but I can’t describe it in writing! This game on Android and iOS apps have been made more interesting through the gameplay balancing tweaks and building career to ensure you get the best out of it. This game is developed by EA Canada and has an updated version called On Fire Edition which comes at a fair price.

If you ever played the game, then the On Fire edition would even be more appropriate and you will be left yawning to finish it at the highest level. The update is rich in content and makes the game more enjoyable more so on Android apps. It comes in the form of a download that even makes it easier and simpler to play. If you are a basketball fan, then you can use the game to get more experience.

The new update of NBA JAM has incorporated all the complaints from the previous one. The whole game has been improved and there are inclusions such as the Tag Mode where you can control both players on a team rather than simply relying on the AI. It also has the bumper buttons for issuing different commands e.g. the left bumper can enable you perform a pick or shove both on defense and offense while the right bumper allows you to set up for an alley-oop on the offense. This makes the game more interesting and fun!

Another feature included in the On Fire edition of it is the Team on Fires. This feature has made it to easier for a team to go on fire through three consecutive alley-oops and further grants you 20 seconds of possession where you can do great control the way you want. The Team On Fire makes every player display his best as an alley-oop.

On the court, razzle-dazzles are included in the new edition. This is based on the fact that every player wants to showcase their talents that they understand the game. This is made possible through the razzle-dazzles feature. It has two types of razzle-dazzles for the offense that can be achieved by holding both triggers as well as pressing the spin button for the players to show off their best. The razzle-dazzle makes this game full of fun more so during spinning and before shooting. This is a feature that is rare in most games! There are also additional animations and inclusion of commentary by Tim Kitzrow that comes with this new edition and makes it deliver enjoyment to the fullest.

Get this game on Android and iOS apps and get prolonged enjoyment just at a price of $14.99. It is worth investing in it more importantly if you want to be a great basketball player or a die-hard fan. Hope you’ll enjoy the NBA JAM Cheats! And here are some more Head Soccer Cheats for you all.

File name: NBA JAM Hack v2.8

1. Big Man Package & Privileges Pack Hack.
2. Unlimited Turbo.
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4. No root/jailbreak.
5. Working on Android/iOS/Windows Phone 8.

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