Jurassic Park Builder Cheats: Never Have To Worry About Gold Coins And Bucks

by Rosalinda Scolnik on May 10, 2014

Jurassic Park Builder Cheats Not Working After Update? Try this level up cheat to get unlimited bucks/dollars, gold coins without jailbreak for your android, iOS such as iphone 5, ipad, ipod, etc.


Game Summary:

You may have heard that long time ago, dinosaurs were very many on earth and they were the called the ‘‘King of the planet earth’’. You have also heard how one of them strayed and got swam to the ocean during the early Jurassic period. If you’re really serious in knowing all these, then Jurassic Park Builder game has all these concepts that are fun and interesting. It is a game that involves dinosaurs eating people. This game is available on iOS and Android apps with better colours and good visual presentation.

Through this game, you can build a park from A to Z both on land and out of sea, be the owner and grow various dinosaur species by extracting their DNA from the amber fragments, transforming their DNA through other gamers help, rearing the dinosaurs in the land or sea park you created and help them grow to full size by feeding them on plants and seafood, and lastly creating roads for tourists to visit your park and explore the beautiful creations, this is game more than what I expected, however it is not in real life! And don’t be worried if you are a beginner, this game has a tutorial from the start. And you can use our working cheats to have more fun.

Just to expand more, this game requires you to be creative and is good for brain development and critical thinking. I enjoyed decorating my parks and building various attractions places like hotels, restaurants so that I could entertain more guests as well as collecting more funds from them. There is ‘Code Red’ that allows you to maximize your gains and prevent the dinosaurs from escaping and causing trouble on the island. This can be possible only after growing close to five carnivores.

This game puts you in a constant state of expansion by clearing the jungles for dinosaurs, dinosaur foods and tourists’ attraction places and roads to transport them. One more thing I have say is that your success in this game is highly dependent on your understanding of the economy of the game using the gold coins, XP and the dollar bills resources. Dinosaurs earn coins which you can use to purchase foods for them.Further, you’ll have to reach level 20 to build your own glacier park and discover new species of dinosaurs. As you progress with the game, you’ll encounter the characters from the Jurassic Park movies like Dr. Ian and Hammond who can help you advance much further into the game.

This game also has social media features where can invite friends to help in the DNA extraction as well as visiting other gamers parks. It also has the bragging options through Facebook. This game on Android and iOS apps creates a 3 D pictorial presentation that is full of fun and experience. The game is also very addictive because of its features through the Android and iOS apps.

The enjoyment of this game depends on how much time and money you wish to spend. I escalated the ladders of this game by using only $6 and believe you too can get that enjoyment. In the end, we would suggest you some other high school story cheats here.

File name: Jurassic Park Builder Hack V5.1

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