Jelly Splash Cheats: 1397600 Coins & Extra Lives, That’s A Boy

by Rosalinda Scolnik on April 24, 2014

Jelly Splash Cheats to get unlimited coins, stars and extra lives on android/iOS such as ipad/iphone. Also you could unlock all levels as you like.


Game Summary:

This is a completely free game to play except there are certain game components that require payment or Facebook connection. It is colorful and your aim is to solve over 100 levels to splash some jellies. This is a very enjoyable game that is full of fun and can’t resist writing something about it. At first I hated it, but later found it to be a very fun game that involves moving from level 1 to over 100 levels. I must tell you that if you can reach level 40 and above, you’re a pro in this game. Once you master the skills of creating jellies and splashing, you will be able to dictate it.

Before I go deeper into the game, I must also say that the game is available in iOS and Android versions which are even more fun because of high quality graphics and pictorial presentation of the colored jellies and an interesting background with different themes that show after completion of a level. The iOS and Android versions of this game are connected to social media where you can connect with friends and share your scores as well compete. On Android, it has 180 highly addictive levels which you can play at your own pace, challenge your friends and happily share with your scores. I however must caution you that this game is very addictive and you have to be careful. I over-played it and made me think of playing it again and again.

This is one game that I find myself longing to play again and again. In this game, you will find yourself clearing most of the colorful jelly creatures as they make their way through the puzzles. Jelly Splash game offers different level types and you can start from a basic level to anything complex to reach the limit, I mean level 180. I like this component because it makes the game varied at all times. Moreover, you will dire need to finish each puzzle with minimal movement to get bonus chain reactions at the end of the game.

In each game level, you are presented with a game board that is full of jelly like creatures and your aim is to draw a line connecting these jellies that you can wake them up and clear them from the game board. I enjoyed making larger strings of matches to produce a special glowing type of jelly on the board. This game is full of fun, and you can also find some working cheats for it. It has a unique way of finishing the game by the use of repetitive world map. Every 20 levels of this game have a unique theme of closing that particular level. It consists of sandy trail that shows what points you’ve earned. The first theme is that of a beach, followed by jungle and then beach again; and the entire map alternates between these themes is very interesting and full of fun.
To conclude, I will be lying if I tell that this game is available on iOS version has improved graphics and display. Its visual presentation is fun and the challenging puzzle levels make it more interesting. I will encourage you to join the millions of fans enjoying the Jelly Splash for free. Do not miss to play it out! By the way, I would suggest some other Head Soccer Cheat as usual, just check them.

File name: Jelly Splash Hack V1.3

1. Unlimited Coins & Stars.
2. Unlock all Levels.
3. Refill Lives.
4. No root/jailbreak needed.
5. Working on Android/iOS.
6. Undetectable.

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Giga wakefield January 20, 2015 at 9:43 am

Thank you. Ilove this game but, its very frustrating when you cant move on to the next levels


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