High School Story Cheats: I Get My 43000000 Coins Finally

by Rosalinda Scolnik on April 19, 2016

High School Story Cheats
High School Story Cheats and hacks to get unlimited rings, coins and books.


Game Summary:
I am an apps and games addict and I don’t try denying the fact. I also love talking about the experience I had with the said app or game which is why you are here. In my gaming search, I accidentally discovered the High School story and so far, I have managed to skip the other games altogether and get to play with it! I love getting my apps when they are still hot on the “shelve’ so to speak. I find is an amazing game to play with. It can, in my opinion be enjoyed by both the actual high-school going students and those that are out of high school.

Where you nerdy at school? This game is a fantastic way to take a step back into your “high school days” and be that sporty fella you always wanted or that guy or girl that always had dates. In essence, you can relieve the high school memories lie you would have wished them to be. Although the characters may be lacking in the most exacting of detail, you can enjoy the nice graphics that come with the game.
What I like about this game is the detail that is placed in the buildings and rooms. I have found that even when I utilize the game on my older model iPhone, it still shows me exactly what am looking for. I love playing my games with the sound in full blast. As such, I have found that this game has pleasantly nice instrumental background music. And you could find some good cheats for the game to have more fun.

To let you in on how the game works. It is basically revolving around the rivalry between students from two different high schools. You will enjoy the different quests that are begging to be completed, the rooms that require building and the ability to add real-life friends to the game if your wish. It comes with dialogue options for you to choose the outcome of the game and plenty of quests to complete.
On the downside, I have found that pay-time is rather open-ended. Since having to admit new students and complete buildings may take some time, you have to master a bit of patience. In case patience is not your virtue, then you can make use of rings to speed up these activities. You need not worry about how the game will evolve since new updates are provided on the regular.

With this game, the dialog choices that you make could be of influence to the game’s events. As such it makes it worthwhile to replay just so you can see how those choices could change the experience. At the start of the game, you are presented with a male or female option. You also get to unlock and purchase classmates into your game.

Ultimately, the game is a wonderful game to play. In fact it can be so addicting! You get to enjoy an interesting story as you go about building fun buildings and going through the dating mechanics. Well, in the end, I will suggest you another funny game as usual, and you can find the smurfs’ village cheats here too.

File name: High School Story Hacks V3.1

1. Add Unlimited Coins, Rings and Books.
2. No root/jailbreak required.
3. Working on Android/iOS.
4. Undetectable.

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