Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats: I Can Unlock Everything Now!

by Rosalinda Scolnik on January 25, 2014

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats for iOS & Android. Unlimited Cash, Health and Unlock all the guns, maps with god mode.


Game Summary:
The GTA Vice City is a game that doesn’t need an introduction and it’s far better than its predecessor Grand Theft III. The iOS version is superior and has visual and controls greatly improved. This iOS port is the complete Vice City experience- no more using of a controller. In this game, you assume the role of Tommy Vercetti, who featured in 1980s Vice City. In this new Vice City with iOS version, Tommy rises to be the most wanted criminal. The iOS port’s improved graphics and pays close attention to its characters, making proceedings seem more cinematic and more story-driven than other games. It’s a game that is a perfectly written dialogue, full of scathing social critique and more than just a game for causing mayhem. Moreover, it will refresh you and make you develop gaming experience which will make be praised because of the way you play it. This is a must have game to enjoy more so the chasing the part where you are being chased by a policeman or rather a cop.

The story mission in the game is complex and more entertaining than other games. They are in multiple stage affairs, has various targets, make deliveries to key areas and drop someone off in an exchange. Something you could play it again and again and reach your objectives. It also has the vehicles, motorcycles and helicopters joining huge varieties of cars, trucks, vans, planes, boats and making you enjoy going round the Vice City. The various vehicles, motorcycles allow you drive at ridiculously high speeds making it create a visual authenticity and fun.

The best moments of this game I love most is when cops are after you, especially when I use some funny cheats. I enjoy running the red light so that they can’t chase me and then commit a crime so that I can enjoy the chase! I did try it on iOS or Android versions and can’t explain the hilarious moments in writing; you will be amazed! Dodging the cops and causing more mayhem is something I can’t avoid.

This game on iOS and Android versions shows excellent textures and higher resolutions. The graphics and the realistic physics of its vehicles offer a very remarkable presentation that might make you think it is real. The audio quality of this game is one of the best things about it. It soundtrack consists of the various radio stations, that you will listen to as you drive around in the stolen vehicles.

This game is better than the way it was in 1980s. No one expected that this game will be on mobiles, tablets, smartphones and the recent and modern technology devices. This new game brings new experience that is full of fun and actions with the aim of making you relaxed and stress free. I cannot only stop playing this game all the time, but also recommends it to anybody with iOS and Android system and feel they need something to make them have fun with the game. To the guys who love games, here is another good one you don’t want to miss: Head Soccer. Also here are the Head Soccer Cheats you may need.

File name: GTA: Vice City Hack V2.5

1. Unlimited Cash and Health.
2. Fly Mode.
3. God Mode.
4. Unlock Weapons and Maps.
5. No root/jailbreak required.
6. Available for Android/iOS.
7. Undetectable Script.

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