Doodle Devil Cheats: Never Waiting Doodle Coins Any More!

by Rosalinda Scolnik on January 15, 2014

Doodle Devil cheats for Unlimted Coins and Unlimited Hints. Tired of waiting/paying for Doodle coins? This the hack for you! You can change the value to as many as you wish! Working on Android/iOS/Windows Phone 8.


Game Summary:

The Doodle Devil- a humorous and exciting game!
If you loved the Doodle God, chances are very high you might even embrace Doodle Devil more than the game. It is a puzzle game that is the antithesis of Doodle God and is an improved port of the iOS version. The iOS version has new graphics, Devil slots, Demon mode Gameplay and available in 13 languages. While the Doodle God focussed on the positive and prosperous elements of life like soul, friendship, it consists of disgusting and horrific evil elements.

Doodle is the sequel to Doodle God and has an excellent design for creating element combinations in different episodes. It is like a warfare game that will make long to destroy the beautiful things Doodle God created. I created food by combining weapon and beast, and also through combining human and tree, what I saw cannot be easily explained in writing. I wish you could try it in the iOS version.The concept behind this game is to uncover the 107 elements to make new elements. I combined earth and fire and got lava which I further combined with water to make stone which can be combined with fire to get metal. It starts with two elements and gradually expands to a dozen of elements to play with. When I use the cheats of the game, it is full of fun and I can’t stop playing it again and again.

With Doodle Devil Cheats, you can combine the elements to destroy what Doodle God created easily. It comes with 107 elements in 11 categories. It is designed with a new background art style and each element has a unique doodle artwork. The varying quotes add a lot to the game with humour for each new creation you make. I enjoy playing the part of discovering the seven deadly sins, the monsters and the darkness aspects of the iOS and Android versions. While playing this game, I had the power of destruction is in own hands. I was addicted to it and couldn’t avoid the creativity invested in it.

It has simple graphics that are stylish and very vibrant when you combine the elements. The menu on an iOS version is very interesting. It also has good audio quality with humorous voice-over. I can’t forget the ‘Superb’ music that signifies that I have qualified from a level.The game is full of fun and full of new graphics, new user interface and the Devil Slots is amazing.

You can actually create the 157 elements by combing all the sub-categories illustrated in the episode one. This game proves more than what you can imagine. While the Doodle God was responsible for creating all the heaven and earth, the Devil Doodle is busy with destructions and ready to bring everything down the Doodle God created.

In conclusion, the game on iOS version is a quality puzzle full of charm and humour. If you want to forget about your stress and relax while laughing throughout, then Doodle Devil is the medicine to that stress! It is a great game and comes at a reasonable prize. The iOS and Android versions have additional control schemes that will leave yawning to play and play! And here are some other funny high school story cheats you may like.

File name: Doodle Devil Hacks V1.2

1. Unlimited Coins.
2. Unlimited Hints.
3. No root/jailbreak required.
4. Available for Android/iOS/Windows Phone 8.
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