Cut The Rope Cheats: High Score Cheats To Unlock Fabric Box

by Rosalinda Scolnik on January 13, 2014


Cut The Rope Cheats to add unlimited solutions/balloons and Candy Rain, it works well with the iOS, Android and windows 8, no root or jailbreak needed. This version is supporting Cut The Rope 2 now.


Game Summary:

It is another game which surely most game lovers will fall in love with. This was just recently released for iOS devices and it undoubtedly beefs up the former games with more highlights on the story, the game is made even more challenging and exciting for there are additional monsters characters which you have to encounter in a more improved and hyped-up environment.

In addition, in the game, players will have the opportunity to directly collaborate with the very adorable mini-sized green alien named Om Nom who is addicted to candies. Additional characters which players have to face are the Nommies and for sure these will make the game even more challenging and more engaging. Also you could find some powerful cheats to have more fun.

In the latest version of the game, Om Nom will finally explore into a more fun-filled and adventurous parks, forests, junkyards and other exciting environments rather than staying on the self-contained types of boxes. Moreover, the game also presents the freshest graphic designs for Om Nom as well as its friends. I love the game’s new version even more primarily because there are new wood circles, water levels and magnets which will aid throw candy and Om Nom, all with the help of precise physics.

Likewise, the other latest addition in the series is the bonuses linked with in-app purchases. This way, you can purchase balloons, rain and solutions to significantly help you out. It is made even more exciting to play as Om Nom now has various outfits. However, the difficult part is that the balloons are actually required to obtain the hidden clovers that are necessary to unseal the so-called bonus levels. In reality, each level in it has the capacity to bring a smile to your face as the game is definitely one great game that is worthy to spend your time with. By the way, if you don’t like this game I would suggest another funny game I like, with the Hill Climb Racing Cheats, you will be a big fun of it.

File name: Cut The Rope 2 Hacks V3.2

1. Add Solutions.
2. Add Ballons.
3. Add Candy Rain.
4. Unlock All Levels.
5. Superhero Set.
6. Unlock Underground Box.
7. No root/jailbreak required.
8. Anti ban support and proxy support.

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