Bejeweled Blitz Cheats: Check My 90,000,000 Coins Proof!

by Rosalinda Scolnik on January 7, 2014

Bejeweled Blitz Cheats for coins boosts and extra spins, works on Android/iOS.


Game Summary:

Why I’m crazy about Bejeweled Blitz?
I wasn’t really into games but there was one time as I was searching for very cool games just to overcome my boredom, I came across the game. Actually, I’ve been hearing about this from my friends when they keep talking about and I ended up not knowing it all to the point that I get annoyed when it appears to me that they spend too much time on this game and they’re not even attentive to my stories. Well, this time I understand why they’re addicted to it simply because I am also so hooked with this game right now!

Since I was new in this game and didn’t know what to do the first time, I found the game’s interactive tutorial very helpful as it helped me learn the basics of the game so I can be prepared for the exciting gem-matching action. This game is absolutely very easy to learn even to those who do not have the exact idea of what the game is all about. And you could find some great cheats to have more fun.

Interestingly, the main goal is to perfectly match Multipliers and gems for you to possibly obtain the highest score in just a matter of 60 seconds. What made me so addicted to this game is that by simply connecting with Facebook, I have the chance to compete with other players and I just can’t resist getting the high score on the game’s leader boards.

These days, I am starting to enjoy the Xbox Live version too. The reason is particularly because this version is a totally distinct board and it does not enable rare boosts and gems. With that, it is more difficult to obtain points so I find it more challenging and more engaging. My friends and I get to spend more time together and take pleasure in this very engrossing type of game! Also, I want to share you another game I like:  smurfs’ village cheats on this post.

File name: Bejeweled Blitz Hack v2.6

1. Coins boosts.
2. Extra Spins.
3. Remove ADS.
4. No root/jailbreak required.
5. Works for Android and iOS devices including iPad,iPhone.
6. Anti ban support and proxy support.
7. Undetectable Script.

How to use


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